Wrapping, Packing & Removals

Pitmans packing service allows customer to enjoy an extra peace of mind by allowing professional to efficiently pack carefully.

Consulting with the customers on packing – what needs to be packed first, the Non essentials things you can live without for a couple of days until you have moved into your new home

Well wrapped items, items that needs special attention they are things we can do

Fragile with the knownage and training we have, we are able to complete the fragile packing for you

Delicate items are also something we are able to do depending on the situation.

In some circumstances we can pack the entire home, arrive at the new property unload the removals van and unpack onto flat services and remove all the boxes from your new house.

  • We consult every step of the way to insure we have not forgotten any thing
  • Skilled uniform removals staff
  • Maintained Friendly service
  • Good Strong Double walled cardboard boxes.

Packing Supplies.

  • Pack 2 Cardboard double walled box used for China and Glassware.
  • Pack 6 Cardboard doubled walled box used for books and tin food (Heavier items)
  • Single Mattress covers
  • Double Mattress covers
  • King-size Mattress covers
  • Sofa covers
  • Chair covers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper
  • Parcel Tape

Once arrived at the new house are you are ready to start the unpacking, always get a knife of a key and cut along the tape at both ends flatten the boxes and the call us to arrange collection or delivery back to our Depot

Our packing services includes:

  • Wrapping and covering
  • Carpet and fabric protection
  • Secure transport and storage
  • Box and container provision

Padded quilted furniture covers for your House removals can be supplied, likely objects for your home/house  removals are dining table , dining chairs, Sofa, washing machine, dishwasher, double and single mattresses, TVs.

Wooden crates are offered for the move these are used for Antique pictures, guilt pictures, canvases pictures, and Large mirrors.

Don’t hesitate in contacting us with any enquiries you have. You can also call us on 01258 858564 for a free quote.




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