On Site Storage

With families growing, possessions accumulating and space in the home diminishing, finding a good household storage solution can make the difference between sanity and claustrophobic clutter.

You may have downsized, or you may just have had a few too many children – sometimes the attic simply isn’t big enough to store your excess possessions.

We offer safe and secure household storage space for quite literally everything that you need temporarily cleared.

From antique furniture to artwork, to toys and clothes and even pot plants, we provide a secure and easy household storage solution.

How it works

If you’re downsizing or moving into rented accommodation while you renovate your home, our removal men will pack, load and deliver whatever you’re taking and the items you’re storing will be packed specifically for storage. They’ll be loaded and we’ll take them to our secure storage unit.

If you’re not moving house but just suddenly discover you have too much stuff, it’ll work in exactly the same way, except it will be quicker and without the stress of moving.

We take care of your valuables and breakables

All items that go into storage are packed and wrapped in top quality materials and are loaded into the container in such a way that nothing can move and items don’t rub or bang against each other.

Our Dorset On Site Storage services include:

Short term storage

Long term storage

Household storage

Document storage

Commercial storage

Container storage

Secure storage

Archive storage

Inventories undertaken

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